Monitor your enterprise application with ERP Suites Clarity

ERP Suites Clarity is an integrated solution that helps you manage and maintain your most critical ERP system. It delivers all the benefits of a large, off-the-shelf application performance management (APM) tool but at a fraction of the cost. You’ll love our simple, no hassle pricing model, as well as the quarterly updates from our passionate developers.

Learn how Clarity works and what it requires.

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Simplify digital transformation with a single application management tool

Clarity efficiently manages the performance of your enterprise applications with just one tool. Its features include:

  • A snapshot view of activity within your ERP system delivered in a single screen
  • Proactive monitoring of the true end-user experience to quickly identify performance or availability concerns
  • Robust log parsing that analyzes text-based files to identify issues before they affect users

Save time and resources

The single-screen view lets you monitor your system and find the source of system issues with ease:

  • Guided assist allows intuitive, easy-to-learn navigation
  • Automated monitoring puts ERP maintenance in your hands
  • Reduced resolution time lowers overtime costs

Be proactive

Clarity’s on-demand view of all critical components in an enterprise system empowers you to take a proactive approach to system management. You can:

  • Subscribe to alerts to stay informed
  • Identify and troubleshoot issues before they become critical
  • Reduce the risk of shutdowns, maintain process flow and keep end users productive
  • Confidently report on the health of your system at any time, from any location

Catch and resolve issues before they become critical keeping your ERP system at peak performance.

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Technical requirements
JD Edwards Tools
Release 9.1 or above
Current browsers:
Google Chrome 48 or above
Microsoft Edge 40 or above
Mozilla Firefox 50 or above
Safari 10 or above

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