ERP Suites Mobility

Access your JD Edwards applications from the trade show floor, living room couch or hotel boardroom — wherever you are. Mobility from ERP Suites is a mobile-first solution for one-touch access to your ERP applications on the go. The Mobility app is available for multiple devices on both Android and iOS platforms.

ERP Suites Mobility offers a clean, flexible mobile interface for accessing critical ERP functions on the go, in one portable tool that provides:

  • Mobile capability: Approve purchase orders, release credit holds, enable user IDs and more from anywhere
  • Instant, one-touch access to critical JD Edwards components
  • Real-time push notifications: Check order status, shipping details and more without inconvenient JD Edwards logins

Does accessing your back-end data require multiple clicks across a variety of different applications?

Mobility offers one-touch connection to multiple data sources and provides the trend insights you need to know, including:

  • Instant analysis into data patterns and system metrics
  • Built-in integration works seamlessly with third-party apps and cloud-based programs

Are you seeking faster access to the information you need from JD Edwards application systems?

Mobility’s customizable interface offers code-free personalization of data delivery to meet users’ unique needs:

  • Single-screen access gets you straight to the data you need
  • Push notifications send real-time alerts when changes occur

Have mobile solutions left you feeling frustrated by complicated coding and limited development options?

Mobility offers a uniquely simple mobile experience:

  • Intuitive access to your ERP applications
  • Modifiable environment for dynamic data visualizations

Launch instant access to critical components in your enterprise system with just one touch, and stay in the loop wherever you are.

  • JD Edwards Application Interface Services (AIS)
  • JD Edwards Tools Release or above, iOS 10 or above, or Android 5 or above