At ERP Suites, our focus is helping our customers realize IT’s potential. Our comprehensive technology solutions enable our customers
to streamline and scale their IT products and processes, which leads to improved efficiency and increased margins. We are a proud
Oracle Gold Partner providing proactive JD Edwards management and custom product enhancements.

The ERP Suites story begins in 2006 with a few guys who had a passion for IT and the vision to deliver colocation. The company, then
known as Server Suites, consisted of an empty data center in the basement of a Cincinnati office park. As the team worked to make
their colocation vision a reality, the basement didn’t stay empty for long.

By the next year, the growing company changed its name to ERP Suites to reflect specialization in enterprise resource planning (ERP)
systems. In 2016, they acquired True Clarity, LLC, further strengthening their applications team.

In 2017, ERP Suites received the Oracle JD Edwards Distinguished Partner Award. The award recognized ERP Suites for delivering
innovative products and solutions that simplify the engagement with ERP systems, while also leveraging technologies that embrace the
digital transformation era.

ERP Suites continues to meet the demands of its customers, by becoming an SAP provider. We’re proud to have more than 100
highly skilled employees in 16 states who serve over 250 organizations in the United States and abroad.

Our Manifesto is our mission

This is where IT change starts.
With questions.
With problems that need to be solved.
With business needs, both immediate and long term.
Because technology and its impact on business
isn’t getting any simpler.
That’s why we exist.
To answer the tough questions.
To find a solution to every problem —
no matter the size or scope.
And the help companies not just
identify IT potential, but realize IT.