From co-op to software engineer

“Right there, on day one, I was contributing to a project.”

Co-ops play a vital role in high-profile projects at ERP Suites. So many continue beyond their rotation to see them through. One semester turned into three years for Steven and a permanent home on the Product Development team.

Help Desk to Developer

“Immediately being tasked with something that’s so important to what we do was a really proud moment for me.”

ERP Suites provides a flexible environment so you can work full-time while finishing your degree. By the time she graduated, April had already established herself as an invaluable member of the ERP Suites family.

Help Desk to CNC

“No one stopped me from investigating things myself. And that’s how I learn as a person. I have to try things.”

IT is a broad category. It isn’t always obvious where you fit. The ERP Suites Help Desk gave Eric the time and opportunity to explore career options.

Help Desk to Systems Engineer

“Being able to own my own career was extremely motivating for me.”

The Help Desk exposed Jason to the business of IT and helped him build relationships with talented technicians. It gave him the freedom to then follow his own ambitions.

Co-op to CNC

“I felt like I couldn’t get out of my shell. Now I am very confident in what I do. I’ve learned so much along the way.”

Sometimes careers in IT aren’t planned as much as they are realized. Miranda admits she never heard of ERP or JD Edwards before she joined us. Yet today she is one of our most respected system administrators.

Help Desk to Software Engineer

“It’s been awesome to come in and be the lead developer on a whole product. I get to do the UI on the backend and the design.”

The most rewarding IT careers are shaped in a dynamic environment. Matt has grown with ERP Suites and continues to push us forward to transform ERP for our customers.