Automate data collection with ERP Suites Scanability

Likely you already know the benefits of barcode scanning, but third-party solutions have been out of reach. ERP Suites Scanability offers a pay-as-you-go, affordable barcode scanning solution for JD Edwards (JDE) users. It’s built on JDE orchestration, so implementation is seamless. Have cost and complexity have been holding you back? Then, ERP Suites Scanability is the solution for you.

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Learn how Scanability works and what it requires.

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Find a simpler barcode scanning solution for JDE

Scanability capitalizes on the inherent functionality of EnterpriseOne. So, you can go live in weeks, not months.

  • Flex with the needs of your unique workflows.
  • Build inside a familiar framework.
  • Implement with minimal resources and training.
  • And extend the return on your JDE investment.

Integrate with the barcode scanner of your choice

Because Scanability isn’t tied to third-party hardware, your budget—and solution—go farther.

  • Integrate with your existing Android and iOS barcode scanners.
  • Include less expensive models to extend capability.
  • Add any number of fixed or handheld scanners and users as needed.
  • And reduce your total cost of ownership.

Maximize employee performance and accelerate operations

Not only does barcode scanning free employees from tedious manual tasks, it gives management complete visibility.

  • Track and control inventory.
  • Pinpoint production issues with increased traceability.
  • Empower employees with real-time information to make smart decisions.
  • And spend less time on manual administration—more time meeting customer expectations.

Nearly eliminate data entry errors with automation

Manual data entry errors put profitability and customer satisfaction at risk. But, barcode data entry delivers 99% accuracy. Above all, it gives businesses who employ it a clear competitive edge. Use Scanability to:

  • Run a lean operation with reduced inventory levels.
  • Minimize lost revenue due to mispicks, mis-shipments and delays.
  • And respond quickly and confidently to quality control, accounting and compliance audits.

Technical requirements
JD Edwards Tools
Release 9.x with
Orchestrator Studio

Mobile device:
Android 4 or later
iOS 10 or later