Meet demands for data accessibility with a seamless interface.
Extend your internal capabilities with first-rate response times.
Integrate your ERP with emerging tech and improve user experience.
Apply industry knowledge and best practices to maximize efficiency.

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Monitor user analytics with greater Clarity

ERP Suites Clarity captures all JDE clicks and delivers near-real-time SLAs. With the latest enhancement, you can view all active users too. See what browser and application they’re running as well as their page load time.

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Collaborate 20 | April 19-23

Collaborate is headed back to Las Vegas. So is our Orchestrator Studio expert, Frank Jordan, with another round of orchestration tips. Follow us on LinkedIn for updates on this and other Collaborate 20 opportunities.

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Autism affects an estimated 1 in 59 children. That’s 1 in 59 families searching for the most effective interventions and services including the ERP Suites family. Please join our 2020 Change the World campaign to support Autism Speaks. Together we can help advance research and treatments to increase the quality of life for all people with ASD.

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