Choose AWS cloud for maximum capacity and functionality

Join a fast-growing community of users across virtually every industry who are using AWS to control costs, become more agile, and innovate faster. Rely on ERP Suites’ AWS Cloud services experts for a smooth transition.

Why AWS Cloud?

A recognized leader in the cloud marketplace, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers reliable computing backed by a global support team. Customers testify to reduced testing and deployment lead times using their solution. Add flexible cost structures and choosing AWS Cloud can be an easy decision.

More than a million customers are using AWS, and at least 10% are enterprise-scale. Together they benefit from massive economies of scale. They have access to 76 Availability Zones strategically located to reduce latency. And they enjoy over 5,000 features and services designed around infrastructure efficiency and emerging technologies.

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Migrating JDE to AWS

Given the overwhelming number of options, migrating JDE to AWS isn’t as simple as choosing AWS. But our certified team has an advantage. They have been building cloud platforms and running cloud services for over a decade. They know architecture. So, while moving JDE to AWS may seem challenging, they make it easy.

As an AWS Partner, our AWS Cloud services team can:

  • Match you with the right AWS services for your business
  • Address complex security concerns with a strategic architecture plan
  • Minimize downtime with data migration tooling
  • Meet shifting demands and budgets with dynamic cloud provisioning
  • Right size instances and databases to lower costs

100% of our infrastructure engineers are AWS-certified

100% of our infrastructure architects are AWS Solutions Architects

Narrowing the field of AWS features and services

From infrastructure technologies like compute, storage, and databases to emerging technologies like IoT, AWS Cloud offers deep functionality. ERP Suites cloud advisors help customers hone in on the most effective AWS services for their business.

Visit the ERP Suites Blog to learn about the benefits of our favorite AWS services.

Amazon SageMaker

Create, train, and deploy machine-learning models

AWS Lake Formation

Set up a secure data lake in days


Collect, store, and analyze device data

AWS Lambda

Automatically manage compute resources

AWS Cloud services beyond migration

Trust, we never rest on our knowledge. No AWS partner should. We continue to pursue new certifications, test proofs of concepts, and apply the benefits to you. Our cloud managed services team takes lessons learned to help you run and keep optimizing your AWS workloads. We monitor your environment and proactively seek more ways to bolster performance and control costs.

If your internal IT team is still stretched thin, look to ERP Suites to maximize your ERP on AWS with JDE services.

AWS managed services

Full-service cloud maintenance including cost optimization and security and compliance control

JDE Advisory Practice

Skills to integrate JDE with emerging technologies that thrive in a cloud environment

JDE consulting services

Support to remain code current and realize the full benefit of cloud ERP

JDE managed services

Full-service maintenance that frees you up explore, plan, and execute cloud strategies