Monitor your ERP with Clarity

ERP Suites Clarity is an integrated solution that helps you proactively monitor your JD Edwards system. It delivers all the benefits of a large, off-the-shelf application monitoring tool but at a fraction of the cost. You’ll love the no-hassle pricing model, as well as continuous enhancements inspired by our own CNCs.

User Analytics module inside the ERP Suites Clarity application monitoring tool

Simplify administration with a single application monitoring tool

Efficiently manage JDE performance in just one application monitoring tool. With Clarity, you can confidently report on the health of your system at any time. Features include:

  • A snapshot view of system activity delivered in a single screen
  • Real-time user analytics that expose performance or availability concerns
  • Robust log parsing that helps you identify issues before they affect users
  • Historical utilization data that reveals trends and informs decision-making
Synthetic monitoring inside the ERP Suites Clarity application monitoring tool

Keep your ERP system running at peak performance

An on-demand view of all the critical components in your enterprise system empowers you to take a proactive approach to system management. Reduce the risk of costly downtime and maintain process flow when you:

  • Activate synthetic monitoring 
  • Analyze page load time by user, browser or application
  • Find expensive database queries
  • Share data regarding your slowest applications 
  • Review historical data to pinpoint events


“We were looking for a partner, not necessarily an application management tool, to help us define a CNC strategy. We selected ERP Suites because they listened to what we needed and adapted accordingly; they did not try to persuade us to fit into previously defined activities.” 

– Trisha Muir, ERP Manager, Michelman, Inc.


How Clarity Can Deliver Actionable Insights and Save You Time

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Log parse alerting inside the ERP Suites Clarity application monitoring tool

Monitor log files to resolve issues quicker

ERP systems generate thousands of log files daily. Personal subscriptions tell Clarity which ones are most meaningful to you. Then, you receive an email notification whenever Clarity finds them. Our Managed Services team uses this feature to catch logs that signal performance issues.