Revolutionize business with fresh ideas, new technologies

A system upgrade makes improvements, but it alone doesn’t transform your business. Find the leading edge of new digital technologies with ERP Suites Advisory Practice. Our digital transformation consultants can help you revolutionize your processes, even your customer experiences, to revitalize your business.

Who is ERP Suites Advisory Practice?

Innovators. Visionaries. Digital transformation consultants who bring the future of business to the here and now. Tap into this collective brain trust when you need fresh ideas and fresh solutions that elevate your success.

Freedom fuels innovation. The Advisory Practice is free from company siloes or unwritten norms. You get unbiased perspectives and new ways of thinking and relating. What’s more, we foster this spirit among your internal team, so they can make discoveries of their own.

Let our team invigorate innovative thinking to help you reach beyond what you think possible. ERP Suites Advisory Practice services center on: 

  • Preparing management for emerging and disruptive technologies
  • Accessing and developing a digital transformation roadmap
  • Establishing a long-term IT planning and governance strategy
  • Conducting a Business Value Assessment (BVA)

How do our digital transformation consultants do it?

Our Advisory Practice applies design thinking strategies to view your business challenges holistically. They see the big picture and examine micro-level details to spur fresh solutions — specific to your business. 

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Start with an objective, strategic look at your business and processes.

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Discover where digital transformation could best impact profits and distinguish you from competitors.

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Define the technical know-how you need and the visionary talent to propel you into the future of industry.

Where is your ERP now?

ERP systems are more versatile than ever. Yet few ERP users have moved beyond the traditional starting point. Make great strides with small steps that get you over hurdles and tracking autonomy. Mobility is a great place to start. 

Mobile apps improve enterprise user experience which in turn feeds business goals to reduce time, money and effort spent on everyday tasks. Work with our digital transformation consultants to identify the processes that can benefit most from mobility. 

Fast-track solutions—and profitablity—with Advisory Practice innovators

Digital transformation helps your business be more efficient. The more efficient you are, the more profitable you can be. Why wait any longer? ERP Suites Advisory Practice is laser-focused on problem-solving and ideation, so you can realize solutions faster. Our digital transformation consultants map the course and get your staff up to speed so they can keep you moving forward. 

Here are a few examples:


Paperless shop floor

Significant lag time in reporting data to JD Edwards slowed production and led to accounting errors. ERP Suites Advisory Practice's IoT solution generated reports in real time. It enabled the team to monitor material availability on shop floor dashboards and address issues in seconds.


Automated back office

Thousands of entries were generated throughout a global corporation. They were then sent via spreadsheet to each division to be uploaded into JDE General Ledger.  ERP Suites Advisory Practice's RPA solution enabled 700+ lines per minute and eliminated more than 40 hours of employee time per month.


Assisted selling

A field service team lacked access to key product information. As a result, they missed countless opportunities to upsell. ERP Suites Advisory Practice's assisted decision-making solution used advanced algorithms to calculate product similarity scores based on sales history. Targeting products led to increased sales.


A JD Edwards shipper sought to improve processes using QR codes without the huge cost of upgrading to a new JDE release.

ERP Suites met the challenge and surpassed it with the use of 3rd party integrations.


“Our business was very skeptical that we could use EnterpriseOne 9.2 to meet their automation goals…With our JD Edwards partner, ERP Suites, we said, ‘Challenge accepted.’”

– Cheryl Working, JD Edwards System Manager,
The Ford Meter Box Company