Transform your business with data insight

Be a data leader for your business with advanced analytics and consistent reporting

Your Business Data is Too Important to Second Guess or Leave Sitting Idle

It’s your business data and everyone in your company should have easy access to it. Many companies fail to benefit from their data because the manual effort to compile the data across many different sources is too challenging. 

If your business is running inefficiently, you’re likely having these business intelligence issues:

  • Built in reporting is frustrating
  • Data is all over the place
  • It’s a challenge to tie the data together
  • Dashboards do not provide the information you need
  • Struggle to find data analytics talent
Data analytics consulting services can help your business.

Take Control of Your Data and Benefit from a Strategic Analytics Partner

ERP Suites Analytics as a Service is a strategic partnership that can quickly solve your data analytics problems so you can start benefiting from business data.


Consistent and Accurate Reports

Be confident in your reports and know that future comparisons will use consistent data

advanced analytics

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics consultants solve the most complex data issues to get you fast ROI

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Helpful Dashboards

Get custom dashboards that present exactly what you need to see

self service data analytics

Self-Service Data Visualization

Empower your team to build beautiful reports that help make the business successful

ERP Suites is a distinguished cloud partner. We use our expertise and partnerships to improve businesses across many industries and platforms.

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We’ve helped over 300 companies realize IT

As ERP experts and data analytics consultants, we know what it’s like to have many technology components that need to be integrated together. We combine our cross-functional ERP expertise with BI and analytics to help our customers use their business data to grow.

How it works

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Tell Us Your Business Problems

We'll create a plan with you to capture all of the data you need to solve your issues

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We Gather and Prep Data

Your analytics consultants gather data from all your sources and prep the data in a Data Lake

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Use Your Data with Confidence

Validate and deploy analytics so we can give insights allowing you to efficiently take action.

6-Step Methodology Download

Do you want to know more about ERP Suites as your data analytics consultant? Get the Data Lake Basics PDF, which includes our full 6-step methodology beginning with business understanding and ending with deployment.

Stop wasting time double checking data and creating manual reports

With so many data sources in today’s businesses, companies are struggling to keep up with their business data. With Data Analytics Consulting Services from ERP Suites, you’ll discover the ROI of advanced analytics. 

  • Simplified forecasting
  • Helpful dashboards
  • Fresh ideas from industry experts.
  • Self-service data visualization
  • Consistent and accurate reports
  • Fast time to market

Data lakes and warehouses are complementary solutions to growing data storage and analytics needs. Explore the differences between a data lake and a data warehouse in this infographic.