Affordable barcode scanning for JDE

Likely you know the benefits of mobile barcode scanning, but third-party products have been beyond reach. ERP Suites Scanability offers a pay-as-you-go solution designed explicitly for JD Edwards users. Let ERP Suites Scanability put automated data collection back in your business plan.

Cycle Count mobile barcode scanning flow in ERP Suites Scanability

Discover a smarter mobile barcode scanning solution

Scanability is bound to JDE, not third-party hardware, giving you the freedom to choose. Android 4 and later. Handheld scanners or fixed devices. With Scanability, your budget and solution go farther because you can:

  • Outfit an unlimited number of users
  • Incorporate your existing scanners or add less expensive models 
  • Customize workflows built inside a familiar framework
  • Go live with minimal resources or training
Pick Confirm mobile barcode scanning flow in ERP Suites Scanability

Maximize employee performance and accelerate operations

Mobile barcode scanning frees employees from tedious manual tasks and gives management complete visibility. With Scanability, you can:

  • Track and control inventory
  • Pinpoint production issues with increased traceability
  • Empower employees with real-time data to make smart decisions
  • Spend less time on manual processes—more time meeting customer expectations


“Our business was very skeptical that we could use EnterpriseOne 9.2 to meet their automation goals…With our JD Edwards partner, ERP Suites, we said, ‘Challenge accepted.” 

– Cheryl Working, JD Edwards Systems Manager, 
The Ford Meter Box Company


Nearly eliminate data entry errors with automation

Manual data entry errors put profitability and customer satisfaction at risk. But, barcode data entry delivers 99% accuracy. Above all, it gives businesses a clear competitive edge. Use Scanability to:

  • Run a lean operation with reduced inventory
  • Minimize lost revenue due to mispicks, mis-shipments, and delays
  • Respond quickly and confidently to quality control, accounting and compliance audits

Mobility or Scanability?

ERP Suites offers two digital solutions that simplify the JDE EnterpriseOne user experience. Which one is right for you?

ERP Suites MobilityERP Suites scanability
Ideal userRemote employees, sales force or executivesShop floor, warehouse, or distribution employees
NeedsQuick answers to questionsBarcodes to input data efficiently
ConnectivityAcceptable tolerance for latencyLow tolerance for latency