Get peace of mind that your organization is protected without the difficult project and high price tag

Don't be held back by downtime from malware or ransomware

All users and devices in your company should be able to connect to the internet with confidence. Cisco Umbrella from a trusted partner provides a layer of protection against malware by preventing the successful resolution of known malicious domain names.

Cisco Umbrella is a great choice for your business if you are dealing with any of these issues:

  • Security threats putting company at risk
  • Internal security not cutting it
  • Paying too much for security
  • Confusing and inconsistent security administration

How a Cisco Umbrella Partner Can Help

With custom security from ERP Suites and Cisco Umbrella you’ll get fast and easy endpoint protection for your DNS, content filtering, and improved SaaS performance.

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DNS Security Filtering

Malware is detected before it can be downloaded or is prevented from connecting to command-and-control server.

Monitor and smartphone

Content Filtering

Block games, adult content, gambling sites, and more for additional security and employee productivity.

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Improved Performance

Get custom dashboards that present exactly what you need to see

ERP Suites has been a premier Cisco partner for over 9 years. We use our expertise and partnership to select the right security package for your business with fast and efficient implementation processes.

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Fast Enterprise-wide Security

Protect your off-network users, branch locations, and Wi-Fi users from Malware, Ransomware, Phishing, Bot nets and more. Cisco Umbrella blocks:

  • 16 million command and control requests
  • 50 million phishing attempts
  • 103+ million malware related requests
Using a Cisco Umbrella partner can quickly provision thousands of network egresses and roaming laptops including:
On-Network DevicesOff-Network Devices
RoutersAndroid Devices
Wireless LAN ControlleriOS Devices

Quick Wins Spanning Your Entire Organization

Amplify existing IT

Stop threats before they reach your network or endpoints

Reduce Alert Fatigue

Reduce number of alerts and gain context on threats


Consistent policies across remote locations

Better Performance

Better performance and user satisfaction everywhere

We’ve helped over 300 companies realize IT

As ERP consultants and Cisco Umbrella partner, we know what it’s like to have many devices that need to be protected. We combine our cross-functional ERP expertise with cybersecurity knowledge to help our customers confidently and productively connect to the internet.

How it works

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Set the Scope

Identify the devices to be protected and design the correct policies

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Deploy Cisco Umbrella

Deploy agent systems; configure policies; change DNS settings on devices in scope

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Connect and Browse Confidently

We monitor devices and connections to keep your business running and safe

4 Security Packages from Cisco Umbrella

Cisco offers 4 levels of service to get started. ERP Suites will partner with you to select the right package and explain why. You’ll understand the pricing (per user) as well as the implementation costs. Contact us to get a free assessment.

Block threats at the DNS layer across your enterprise in minutes without added latency

Get DNS protection plus additional web security and threat insights to speed up investigations

Deploy advanced security functions and simplify management with the most effective security in the industry

Unlock the highest levels of protection and control with advanced security functions like layer 7 firewall with IPS, DLP, and more

Schedule Your Assessment

We’ll follow up with more information about how the partnership with Cisco Umbrella and ERP Suites can be a great fit for your company.