Your HR digital transformation begins with purpose-built solutions designed for JDE HCM. Step up with a postmodern ERP strategy that seizes Oracle innovations to simplify payroll, self service, time, and labor.

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The business case for HCM mobility

We know what you’re thinking. Mobile apps are nice-to-haves. There are already 2.56 million on the Google Play Store alone. But when designed with the business in mind, they can save time and money. They can eliminate paper processes, simplify tasks, and improve data accuracy too. Sounds like ROI; now that’s nice to have.  

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ERP Suites Mobility complements your digital HCM strategy with rapid time to value (TTV),
intuitive UI and integrated security.

Purpose-built for your desktop

Mobile app development is one solution, but not the right solution for every company or every situation. Nineteen percent of Americans don’t own a smartphone. Maybe your employees are among them. And although the remote workforce has grown by 44%, they aren’t all in the field. So what makes the most sense for your purpose?

Animted gif Open Enrollment desktop app

“[Open enrollment] was very manual…we were looking for a much more streamlined process.”
— Vice President of IT and Human Resources, Irex Corporation 

ERP Suites Mobility Open Enrollment app eliminated the manual steps of gathering information. However, true to stats, twenty percent of IREX Contracting Group employees didn’t own a smartphone. We designed a desktop version to give them the same user-friendly experience, and it’s bilingual.

JD Edwards HCM reinvented

Many ERP Suites solutions, including Mobility, owe their seamless integration to orchestration. A postmodern HCM application leverages this and other JDE innovations to streamline HR processes. You might enable Watchlists to monitor FMLA or use Notifications to keep managers informed about active appraisals. That’s HR digital transformation.

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Explore the possibilities of automation, orchestration, and third-party integration.
Start an HR digital transformation with help from our JDE HCM consultants.

Mobile solutions for a modern JDE

ERP Suites digital transformation consultants have collaborated with IT leaders and their business partners to build a library of ready-to-use apps, including these HCM solutions:  

Employee Self Service

Time Sheet and Pay Stub

Open Enrollment