Sync ERP records

Where's the source of truth in a multi-ERP organization? If your records are out of sync, build and integrate an orchestration to continuously validate and update data. We took this approach to sync address book, tax, and pay scale data between JDE and SAP.
postal truck driving past house

Validate addresses

Sales and other sources continuously feed JDE new customer contact information. It can take hours to verify these addresses externally. We built an address validation orchestration to perform the lookups immediately.
ERP Suites web cache reset screen

Perform routine IT tasks

Routine JDE CNC tasks are cumbersome and slow down UDO implementations. We created a suite of Composed Pages that leverage Orchestrator’s ability to call AIS functions to reset web cache quickly.
pile of various currency

Look up currency rates

Currency exchange rates fluctuate constantly. How often do you edit JDE to reflect the changes? We built an orchestration to perform the lookups and update JDE automatically.

Import expense sheets

An ERP Suites customer was exporting .xls expense sheets from a mobile tracking app. Then, Accounting manually entered the data in JDE. We built a Composed Page so they could upload the file instead. An orchestration enters the data automatically.

Post current inventory levels

Sluggish load time leads to poor customer experience. And that could cost you an account. We used CDI ERP2Web as a customer service portal and added an orchestration to pull inventory and pricing data from JDE—all in real-time.

Focus on quick wins like these Orchestrator use cases to earn support for more complex initiatives. You can cut development time by adopting one of our ready-to-use orchestrations.


Example of Excel spreadsheet

Map data to Excel

JDE users often prefer to work inside Excel, but the integration doesn't exist. We designed an Add-in that puts Orchestrator in the Microsoft toolbar. Users can select a server, specify an orchestration, and map their fields dynamically.
boxed on conveyor in factory or warehouse

Print packing labels

Meet shipping requirements with improved speed and accuracy by integrating production line devices. We used orchestrations to pull JDE product data and print a label the instant that a package is scanned for packing.

Automate journal entries

Large corporations generate thousands of journal entries that must be uploaded into JDE General Ledger. We used Automation Anywhere's MetaBot and Orchestrator to take in the entries, add the data to the ledger, and post it simultaneously.
using XRF scanner in factory

Trigger a device

Manual manufacturing processes are time-consuming and prone to human error. We built an orchestration to trigger an XRF analyzer automatically and send the data to JDE. Then, we connected the device to a Raspberry Pi to keep it mobile.

Eliminate paper processes

Paper processes are costly and limit global visibility. We led an orchestration project to pull production information from PlantStar's data collection devices. Then, we used CaféOne to present it in a user-friendly dashboard in JDE.
Man using ERP Suites Scanability on tablet

Generate reprint pick slips

It typically takes 15 steps to generate reprint pick slips and other reports. Do it one. We used Oracle JET, E1 Pages, and orchestrations to execute reports and display the PDF in a new browser window. Now we simply enter a pick slip number and hit submit.   

Partner with business leaders to identify and prioritize projects that improve efficiency, customer experience, agility, or risk management. Orchestrator uses cases like these may involve multiple integrations or scripting. We’re here to help you succeed with Orchestrator training, advanced development, and troubleshooting.


Young mother enrolling in benefits online

Enroll in benefits

The traditional JDE open enrollment process doesn't easily accommodate life's interruptions. Our orchestration-based app enables employees to review, select and make changes—in their native language—throughout the benefit period.
Business exec approving a PO on his phone

Approve a PO

Bypass the time and effort it takes to navigate JDE, find POs waiting, and approve or reject. Our orchestration-based app lets managers quickly execute time-sensitive approvals and keep work flowing. ​
Salesman reviewing customer data on phone in car

View and edit customer information

Deliver speed, simplicity, and insight to users with limited JDE exposure—like Sales. Solutions built on orchestration travel well too. Our My Customers mobile app enables salespeople to review and edit customer info right on their smartphone.

Strategic desktop or mobile apps are more than nice to have. They simplify the user experience while extending JDE functionality. Think process efficiency, informed decision making, reliable data entry, and more. ERP Suites Mobility provides a secure platform for rapid proofs of concept.