The need for application performance management

Michelman, a developer, and manufacturer of environmentally friendly, advanced materials for industrial application, relies on their JD Edwards system for critical business activity. System availability and optimal performance are imperative to its global operations. Michelman selected a hosting partner to deliver infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and other strategic partners for off-hours database and augmented support. But still, they lacked visibility into the end-to-end performance of their system. Continuous productivity demanded an efficient application performance management solution.

Business challenge

Running JD Edwards 9.2 in a hosted environment, Michelman needed an application performance management solution that could provide visibility across the enterprise system’s key areas. An easy-to-use interface with clear and actionable insights was essential to identify issues quickly and route them to the appropriate resources. Empirical data on interactive users could also help Michelman define end-user experience throughout the world.

Finding Clarity

ERP Suites Clarity provided rapid results. “We immediately shed light on issues lurking in our log files, which saved us hours of manual troubleshooting,” said Trisha Muir, ERP Manager at Michelman. Alert and armed with Clarity’s trending metrics, Michelman IT continues to pinpoint and resolve problems before they can impact operations. Clarity delivers a real-time, shared view of the health of their JD Edwards system—from end-user experience to application health, batch performance, security configuration, log file analysis, and more. With simplified JDE application performance management, the team is more responsive, more efficient, and more confident they can support the growing demands of productivity.

“We were looking for a partner, not necessarily a tool, to help us define a CNC strategy. We selected ERP Suites because they listened to what we needed and adapted accordingly; they did not try to persuade us to fit into previously defined activities.”
Trisha Muir
ERP Manager

Michelman, Inc.

Employees: 500

Environment: JD Edwards 9.2