The challenges of manual document processing are compounded by pressures to perform faster and error-free. Yet, legacy OCR solutions can be costly to implement and maintain. ERP Suites Document Automation offers an intelligent solution. With cloud services, your path to becoming a digital operation finally makes financial sense.

AP Automation powered by AWS

Automate data entry throughout your organization:

Sales orders
Shop floor completion
Safety data sheets
Certificates of analysis (CoA)
Contract abstracts
Advance ship notices (ASN)
Freight bills
Quality inspections
Handwritten forms

Process documents with speed and confidence

Machine learning remains a mystery to many organizations, but it’s the cornerstone of our Document Automation solution. We use AWS services to read documents and generate reliable data—with confidence. The smarter our system becomes, the greater your back office productivity.

  • Easily integrate cloud services with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.
  • Drag and drop documents or let the system do it for you.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce the risk of data entry errors.
  • Eliminate recurring OCR expenses and reduce your cost per page.

Focus on the extraordinary, not the ordinary

ERP Suites Document Automation takes on the routine tasks of reading, capturing, processing, and managing data based on your business rules. That frees up time for your team to work on high-value initiatives. Consider the possibilities when you shift resources to:  

  • Map out and lead process improvement
  • Convert data into financial insights
  • Identify, track and eliminate exception processes
  • Integrate departments such as Supply Chain, Finance and Treasury
  • Explore JD Edwards task mobility to achieve even higher levels of productivity

ERP Suites Document Automation vs. OCR data capture

Intelligent Document ProcessingClassic OCR approach
Read/capture, Classify as a Service (CaaS)On-prem OCR or outsourced business process
Use-based, no minimum or license costsHardware, licenses, data management costs
Any imagesTemplate-based images
Automated entryManual entry

Document automation without limits

With ERP Suites Document Automation, powered by AWS, you can process millions of pages in hours. Unlike OCR solutions, it’s use-based. No hardware. No licenses. It’s capable of reading all document types too. So you can quickly adapt it to the needs of every document-heavy department and fully capitalize on your solution.

View our Document Automation webinar to learn more.


Beyond OCR: Automated invoices

Your management team expects financial results, namely lower recurring costs and increased working capital. ERP Suites Document Automation delivers. Compared to leading business practices, our solution boasts the lowest cost per transaction and the highest internal rate of return.

Source: Internal analysis of three year cash investment.