A one-click mobile experience for JD Edwards users

JD Edwards users have historically enjoyed access to more than 100 out-of-box mobile apps compliments of Oracle. The more you download, the more cluttered your smartphone. ERP Suites Mobility simplifies the experience. With one download—and one click—users gain access to all of their Mobility micro-apps. In a world where speed and accessibility drive productivity and profits, Mobility customers thrive.

Answering the call for custom mobile development

Despite access to a vast collection of mobile apps, JDE customers are still hungry. Digital transformation demands more targeted applications. The answer isn’t a bigger menu. It’s a platform that enables customers to build infinite custom solutions from a few key ingredients. That’s the call from Oracle to it’s partners. ERP Suites Mobility is the answer.

Interactions between ERP Suites Mobility and JDE occur in real-time, meaning your data is never cached within the app. 

Technical requirements:

  • Tools Release
    • AIS installed and configured
    • Orchestrator Studio required for
      some micro-apps
  • Mobile device
    • Android 5 and later
    • iOS 10 and later
Infographic showing how ERP Suites Mobility works

Communicating with JD Edwards

Mobility offers secure, real-time access to JDE via a single user interface. The application communicates directly with the ERP Suites Cloud, which hosts a low-code development framework and interfaces with your JDE Application Interface Services (AIS) server. Mobility users must have valid JDE credentials to use the product, and data is never cached.

ERP Suites Mobility relies on functionality only available with JD Edwards Tools Release or above. Not on this release? Let our consultants develop an upgrade strategy so you can take advantage of Mobility and other digital solutions.

ERP Suites Mobility’s library of ready-to-use micro-apps

ERP Suites customers and developers envision new functions for Mobility each day. The more universal solutions make it to the micro-app library. Accessible to all Mobility customers, these ready-to-use apps are the perfect jumping-off point for transformation. Reap the rewards of peer innovation tailored to:

Asset management

Accounts payable and receivable

Sales order and customer relationship management (CRM)

Field service

Human capital management (HCM)

Transportation management systems (TMS)

Project management

Warehouse management systems (WMS)

Supply management