The need for a mobile pay stub app

The Weitz Company, among the oldest architectural, engineering, and construction firms in the U.S., was looking for ways to transform 160 years of paper-heavy processes. Their HR department was especially eager to move away from mailing pay stubs. In fact, the team had already begun exploring popular third-party software when IT stepped in to support them.
Senior IT Manager, Steve McClure, brought ERP Suites into the discussion. He knew about ERP Suites Mobility, explicitly built for JD Edwards, and wondered what it might offer beyond the solutions on the table.

Business challenge

Mobility includes a library of ready-to-use apps, yet Pay Stub was not among them. Still, Mobility’s platform makes it easy to build new micro-apps in minutes. So, ERP Suites consultants quickly designed a simple, convenient Pay Stub app that could be accessed anywhere across Weitz’s employee base. Whether stationed at the job site or close to home, employees could review pay information the very minute it was published—right on their phone. And tying user accounts to JDE, meant privacy and security were assured.

Without printing and mailing, the time and cost savings of going mobile were practically a given. The question was, how much? Unlike third-party solutions, the Pay Stub app on Mobility came with unlimited users. No individual licenses. Plus, proven integration with JDE meant simpler installation. It all promised a more significant impact on the bottom line.

Expanding construction to accommodate more processes

For Weitz, employee response to the Pay Stub app was as critical as the savings. “Our remote team is thrilled to receive their information days earlier by their phone versus waiting for paper delivery,” said Steve McClure. And with Mobility, Weitz can continue to improve the employee experience. They have a platform to digitize processes from HR to warehousing to accounting—all delivered in one app.

“Mobility Pay Stub gave us the opportunity to use technology to replace our legacy paper process and save money at the same time.”
Steve McClure
Senior IT Manager, Applications

The Weitz Company

Employees: 1,000

Environment: JD Edwards 9.2