A unique barcode scanning solution for JD Edwards users

JD Edwards compatibility is the key to secure and swift implementation. You can go live in weeks, not months because ERP Suites Scanability builds on JDE itself. Orchestration allows us to customize workflows with little effect on cost or timeline. Plus, Scanability offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model so you can add scanners and users as quickly as your business grows.

Capitalizing on JD Edwards functionality

ERP Suites Scanability relies on features only available with JDE Tools Release 9.2.3 and above, including AIS and Orchestrator Studio. Not on the latest release? Let our consultants develop an upgrade strategy so you can take advantage of Scanability and other digital solutions.

Developing business workflows with the ERP Suites Scanability Flow Editor

Implementation begins with JDE EnterpriseOne Orchestrator. We use the IoT tool to code your business processes into orchestrations. Then, we create workflows with Scanability’s Flow Editor. It defines the sequence of your orchestrations and shows what happens on success or failure. Next, we grant users access to your workflows before finally syncing your data collection devices. 

Integrate safely and swiftly with JDE via orchestration.

Technical requirements:

  • Tools Release 9.2.3+
    • AIS and Orchestrator Studio installed and configured
  • Mobile device
    • Android 4 and later
    • iOS 10 and later
  • Connectivity
    • Internet access (Initial install and updates)
    • Local network access (AIS server)
Infographic showing how ERP Suites Scanability works

ERP Suites Scanability's library of ready-to-use workflows

ERP Suites customers and developers envision new process flows for Scanability each day. The more universal solutions make it to the workflow library. Accessible to all Scanability customers, these ready-to-use workflows are the perfect jumping-off point for transformation:

Order and Shipping

Consolidate Shipments

Combine Skids

Sales Order Speed Status Update

Location Maintenance


by Item

by Location

Inventory Transfer

Cycle Count


Pick Confirm

WO Completion

WO Issue — Parts List

WO Material Issue

WO Item Verification

Selecting a barcode scanner

Unlike traditional barcode scanning solutions, Scanability is not device-dependent. You can evaluate the flow of your business and choose the best type of scanner for ultimate productivity. Handheld scanners, fixed-mount scanners, smartphones, or tablets—Scanability works with them all. 

Operating system requirements:

  • Android 4 or later
  • iOS 10 or later

While Scanability does not include data collection devices, we are happy to help you find the right fit for your environment and budget.