ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP software integrates business processes across a large organization. It collects information in a shared database and distributes it to sales, HR, accounting, and all the other key business units. SAP built one. So did Oracle JD Edwards. We support their customers.

What does an ERP consulting company do?

ERP Suites provides technical consulting, cloud services, managed services and digital transformation solutions for some of America’s top companies. We build secure connections, improve performance, automate workloads and give them mobility. In other words, we help them stay on top.

Here’s are some of the ways our multi-functional team delivers value:

1. Cloud services

Infrastructure architects and network engineers design a plan to migrate a company’s on-premise data and ERP applications to the cloud. This gives the organization greater flexibility and reduces capital expenses. The cloud services team may also secure a data backup at our data center, in AWS, or another cloud environment. 

2. Digital transformation

Software engineers build a mobile app that integrates with the ERP so the company’s remote sales force can access data on the road. It enables them to add new contacts, check order status, and approve invoices without the hassle of VPN. 

3. ERP consulting services

Onsite consultants help the company’s internal IT team integrate new features with emerging technologies to improve business results. They automate many everyday tasks saving time, reducing errors and showing executives a better return on their ERP investment. 

4. ERP managed services

A remote managed services team of OS, database and technical specialists provides 24/7 support. They monitor, tune and maintain the system for a division with limited internal IT resources. It’s ultimately their job to ensure the ERP—and its users—can operate at peak performance.

5. Software development

Software engineers build a proactive application monitoring tool to help the managed services team uncover and resolve issues quickly. It prevents escalation and limits costly downtime.

What is ERP—IT roles supporting ERP infographic