The leading edge of digital technology is on the cloud. Expansive, agile, and always up-to-date. Set a course to get there—and maximize your investment—with ERP Suites Cloud Advisory Practice. 

Who is ERP Suites Cloud Advisory Practice?

Architects of form and function. Catalysts for change. Turn to ERP Suites Cloud Advisory Practice when you need objectivity and reliable solutions to prepare your company for the next level of digital innovation.

Cloud curiosity feeds business creativity

The Cloud Advisory team is continuously exploring new and developing cloud technologies across platforms. You get fresh perspectives and new ways of relating cloud services to your business goals. Not narrow plans formed around one cloud partner or one type of cloud. Let our Cloud Advisory team fortify your business plan to take full advantage of all the cloud offers.

Cloud Advisory services

While some companies are “born in the cloud” for most, it’s a slower transition. You have questions, hesitations, complexities, and concerns alongside business objectives. That’s where we come in. 

Cloud advisors are here to help you:

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Guide management to the most suitable place for their organizational workload.

choosing the right cloud

Align digital transformation goals with the right cloud architecture and services.

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Embrace cloud technologies that foster speed and affordability.

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Establish a proactive IT security and governance strategy.

Develop a business continuity plan (BCP).

Three-step approach

Our Cloud Advisory Practice factors security, placement, and features to help you realize the best ROI from your cloud technology investment.
They are future-focused to help you serve today’s requirements yet grow with tomorrow’s innovations.

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Review your IT roadmap to understand your short- and long-term business goals.

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Analyze your current environment and define the best architecture and cloud technologies to reach those goals.

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Outline strategies for ongoing cost reduction, hardened security, and operational resilience.

Future-proof your cloud strategy

Adopting a cloud strategy is less about selecting a provider and more about building a cloud portfolio. The feature-rich cloud required for one application may be cost-prohibitive for the next. ERP Suites cloud advisors leverage public, private, and hybrid clouds as well as existing capital investments to optimize cost and value.

Infographic showing the different types of clouds