Able Roof is Ohio’s largest exterior remodeling contractor, operating under brands including Mr. Roof. The company also provides siding, gutters, masonry, windows, and insulation services to over 400,000 customers. With 40 years in service and over 50,000 roofs replaced, Able Roof is an expert in their field, dealing with both residential and commercial stakeholders.  

Business challenge

The company needed to upgrade its aging on-premises JD Edwards system, which was running on outdated versions and on general technology that was approaching end-of-life. This presented a large capital investment to simply maintain the status quo. Able Roof had already engaged ERP Suites as its managed services provider, and as part of our comprehensive customer service, we assessed their current system to find the best path forward for their business.  

The assessment entailed an evaluation of their current installation, list of servers, set up, current operating system, and drive size, among other points. ERP Suites also evaluated their current version of JD Edwards, any modifications, applications, and scraping of all data to understand any customizations necessary to retain. Armed with all that preliminary information, we identified cloud migration as the most cost-effective means of modernization.  

Migration to OCI

We proposed moving workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) due to its high performance, lower costs, and ability to easily migrate existing applications compared to alternative cloud providers. OCI also specifically offered:  

  • One-click deployment, which allowed Able Roof’s servers to be provisioned rapidly in just one or two days – much faster than traditional on-premises setups – thus accelerating the project timeline 
  • OCI tenancy options provided flexibility for Able Roof to control their licensing and infrastructure, and leverage their existing partner resources  

Additionally, choosing to migrate to the cloud and OCI with existing managed services partner ERP Suites provided control, dependability, and continuity for day-to-day management of the nuanced process. Working with ERP Suites also allowed Able Roof to take advantage of:   

  • Our full-scope, in-depth knowledge of their current system  
  • Our facility for both CNC and DBA managed services  

Published May 9th, 2024

Able Roof

Columbus, Ohio

Upgrade: JD Edwards 8.12 to 9.2