Accelerate your migration toward cloud solutions

On-prem to cloud. Cloud to cloud. Make your next move with ERP Suites cloud migration services. Broadly trained and finely attuned to your requirements, our certified team ensures your cloud platform suits you perfectly. 

Why move to the cloud?

Maybe you’ve outgrown your server capacity or want increased access to the best technology available. Perhaps you’re looking for a place that’s easier to manage or want to get out of data center maintenance altogether. Find the perfect cloud for your business, and make it a smooth transition with cloud migration services from ERP Suites.

Any cloud.

Any size workload.

Cloud migration services support you from decision day to move-in with:

  • Cost analysis
  • Cloud security assessment
  • Transition planning and change management
  • Application inventory
  • Design, migration, and validation   

JDE cloud migration services

You wouldn’t move your business without inspecting the new location. And you’d never venture to get all your assets there on your own. Cloud migration is no different. With ERP Suites cloud migration services, you get a team of certified architects and network engineers who ensure your new home in the cloud is first efficient and secure. Plus, you get a partner with rich JDE expertise to relocate your applications where they fit best.

Count on our cloud migration services team to prepare your JDE workload for a stress-free move to:

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The right cloud migration strategy for your JDE

You know where you want to go. What will you bring with you? Do you move everything as is and sort it out when you get there? Or do you carry over a workload at a time? A cloud migration strategy is your moving plan for JDE. You outline the requirements, and then our JDE consultants do the heavy lifting.

Lift and shift (rehosting)

Migrate your entire application to the cloud with no code changes. Lift and shift migrations are relatively quick and seamless but best suited to core services like Active Directory.


Modify your application with minimal adjustments to take advantage of cloud infrastructure features like autoscaling. Replatforming lets businesses start small and can be cost-effective with disciplined project management.


Re-architect applications with significant code modifications for complete cloud readiness. Refactoring leads to long-term flexibility, resilience, and return on investment.

Maximize results beyond cloud migration

Cloud migration frees your business from the limits of declining infrastructure and opens it to transformational opportunities. Make the time to seize them. Customers rely on our managed services team to handle daily house operations so they can focus on core innovation. 

Cloud managed services

24x7, full-service monitoring and maintenance focused on cost control

JDE managed services

24x7, remote CNC services and technical administration focused on performance

As you explore, plan, and execute cloud strategies some concepts may feel out of reach. Trust ERP Suites Advisory consultants to help you overcome hurdles and continue to get the most from your cloud investment.

Cloud Advisory Practice

Insight to integrate new cloud technologies and multiple cloud environments

JDE Advisory Practice

Insight to develop JDE mobile applications, enable IoT, RPA and more