How do you improve upon well-tuned business processes? You automate the mundane, eliminate errors, and support decision-making with better data. You save time and pay it forward to analytics. JD Edwards Orchestrator Studio gives you the power to perfect. Let the transformation begin.

The MAGIC of JD Edwards orchestrator

Third-party innovations magnify a modern ERP’s capabilities. They talk to each other through an API. Application Interface Services, or AIS, is the technical foundation for exposing JDE applications and data as an API. However, development isn’t easy. That’s where Orchestrator Studio comes in with a user-friendly, graphic interface.

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Connect your JDE system to the digital ecosystem with Orchestrator and AIS.
We can help you design or refine your architecture plan for stress-free installation


Orchestration feeds automation with effortless real-time updates. Sounds cool, but what can you really do with JD Edwards Orchestrator? You can leverage JDE service requests to share, consume and process data between E1 applications, devices, and software interfaces. Link the requests to orchestrations, then set a schedule to run your processes automatically.

Orchestrator service requests infographic

Want to skip the trial and error and jump right into best practices?
We provide hands-on training and consulting support for building complex orchestrations.  

Exceeding business goals

JD Edwards Orchestrator was designed with the business analyst in mind. Why? Because no one knows processes better. Combine IT creativity with BA insight, and you get turnkey solutions that deliver transformational results.

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Bring the busines and IT together in a complimentary whiteboard session hosted
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What have others done with JD Edwards Orchestrator?

From time-saving quick wins to IoT, ERP Suites customers have used orchestrations to push their businesses forward.
Find inspiration in these and other successful use cases.

ERP Suites web cache reset screen

Perform routine IT tasks

Routine JDE CNC tasks are cumbersome and slow down UDO implementations. We created a suite of Composed Pages that leverage Orchestrator’s ability to call AIS functions to reset web cache quickly.

Sync ERP records

Where's the source of truth in a multi-ERP organization? If your records are out of sync, build and integrate an orchestration to continuously validate and update data. We took this approach to sync address book, tax, and pay scale data between JDE and SAP.

Eliminate paper processes

Paper processes are costly and limit global visibility. We led an orchestration project to pull production information from PlantStar's data collection devices. Then, we used CaféOne to present it in a user-friendly dashboard in JDE.